The bike’s serial number is usually located on the underside of the bottom bracket. To read a specialized bike serial number, you will need to know what each letter and number in the serial number stands for. Once you know this, you can decode the meaning of the serial number.

When you’re trying to identify a specific bike, one of the first places you’ll look is the serial number. This number can tell you the year the bike was made, as well as the manufacturer. However, reading a specialized bike serial number can be tricky- there’s no standardization across manufacturers.

In this blog post, we’ll walk you through how to read a specialized bike serial number so that you can easily identify your bike. The first step is to find the serial number on the frame of your bike. It should be stamped into the metal and easy to spot.

Once you’ve found it, take a look at how it’s formatted. Specialized bikes use a letter- followed by 10 digits- as their serial numbers. The first letter corresponds to the month of manufacture, while the next two digits indicate the year.

For example, if your serial number starts with an “F,” that means your bike was manufactured in February of either 2009 or 2019 (it’s hard to determine which without knowing more about your specific bike). The remaining eight digits are unique to each individualbike and can be used to track down its exact history if necessary. Now that you know how to read a specialized bike serial number, you can easily identify when your bike was made and who made it.

This information can be helpful when trying to track down a specific model or determining what parts are compatible with your bike.

Specialized Bicycle Serial Number Chart

Since 1982, Specialized has been producing high-quality bicycles that are perfect for both casual riding and competitive racing. Each Specialized bicycle has a unique serial number that can be used to identify the year it was made, as well as the specific model and size. To help you decode your Specialized bike’s serial number, we’ve created this handy chart.

Simply find your serial number and then consult the chart to see what information it reveals about your bike. Year of Production: The first two digits of your serial number indicate the year your bike was made. For example, a bike with a serial number beginning with “82” was produced in 1982.

Model: The next two letters of the serial number tell you which model of Specialized bicycle you have. For instance, a bike with a serial number reading “AL” is an Allez model. Consult the chart below to see all the possible model codes.

Size: The last two digits of the serial number reveal the size of your Specialized bicycle frame. For example, a bike with a “52” at the end of itsserialnumber would be considereda 52cm frame size. Model Code | Model Name


Specialized Serial Number Year

If you’re a fan of specialty serial numbers on your banknotes, then this blog post is for you! We’ll take a look at what specialized serial numbers are, how they can be used to date a note, and some examples of particularly interesting or valuable ones. Specialized serial numbers are those which have been specifically chosen by the issuing authority for a particular purpose.

This might be to commemorate an event, to create a unique identifier for a batch of notes, or simply to make the currency more visually appealing. In many cases, these special serial numbers will be followed by an asterisk (*) or other symbol to indicate their status. One common use for specialized serial numbers is as an issue date indicator.

For example, the United States Treasury began using so-called “star notes” in 1996; any bill with a star in its serial number was printed that year (or later). Similarly, the Canadian Mint has used numeric codes in its coinage since 1968 which indicate the month and year of production; coins minted in March of 2020 would thus have the code 3/20 after their serials. Some specializedserial numbers are quite valuable in their own right.

For instance, “ladder” notes featuring ascending or descending numerical sequences are highly sought-after by collectors. Other popular varieties include “low number” bills (those withserial digits under 100), “radar” notes (identical serials reading forwards and backwards), and even simple repeats like 1111 or 1234. Prices realized can vary widely depending on condition and rarity, but such items can easily fetch hundreds or even thousands of dollars apiece!

Whether you’re looking to add to your collection or just curious about what those extra symbols on your cash mean, we hope this quick guide has been informative. Specialized serial numbers provide fascinating insight into both the history and manufacture of our money – so next time you spot one, take a closer look!

Specialized Bike Wsbc

If you’re looking for a bike that can do it all, the Specialized Bike Wsbc is the perfect choice. This bike is built for performance and comfort, with a lightweight frame and suspension fork that smooth out bumps on the road. The Wsbc also has plenty of room for customization, so you can add accessories like fenders and racks to make it your own.

And with Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, you’ll have confidence and control when stopping in any weather condition. Ready to tackle anything from long rides to commutes, the Specialized Bike Wsbc is an excellent all-around option.

Vintage Specialized Serial Numbers

Vintage Specialized Serial Numbers Determining the age of a vintage Specialized bicycle can be difficult. The company did not keep accurate records prior to 1987, so serial numbers are the best way to date a bike.

Below is a chart of approximate production dates based on frame serial numbers. Note that these dates are approximate, and that some overlap in production may have occurred. For example, a frame with a serial number of F88345 might have been produced in either 1988 or 1989.

If you need help dating your vintage Specialized bicycle, please contact us and we will do our best to assist you. Serial Number Production Date F84201 – F84250 1984

F85001 – F85200 1985 F86001 – F86300 1986 F87001 – F87250 1987

Specialized Rockhopper Serial Number Lookup

The Specialized Rockhopper is a mountain bike that was first introduced in 1981. It is one of the oldest mountain bike models still in production today. The Rockhopper has undergone several changes over the years, but it remains a popular choice for riders looking for a durable and affordable mountain bike.

If you own a Specialized Rockhopper, you may be curious about its history. You can use the serial number to lookup the date your bike was manufactured as well as some other useful information. To find your Specialized Rockhopper’s serial number, look for a small sticker on the underside of the frame near the crank arm.

The serial number will start with “S” followed by six digits. You can use this website to decode your serial number and learn more about your bike: . Here are some things you can learn from decoding your Specialized Rockhopper’s serial number:

-The first two digits represent the year your bike was made -The next two digits represent the month (01=January, 02=February, etc.) -The last two digits represent which production run during that month your frame was made

For example, if your decoded serial number is S811323, this means that your frame was made in August 2011 during production run 23.

How Do You Read a Specialized Bike Serial Number


How Can I Tell What Year My Specialized Bike Is?

To determine the year that your Specialized bike was manufactured, you will need to refer to the bike’s serial number. The serial number is typically located on the bottom bracket of the frame. Once you have located the serial number, you can use Specialized’s online tool to decode it and determine the year of manufacture for your bike.

What Does a Specialized Bike Serial Number Look Like?

A bike’s serial number is usually located on the bottom bracket shell (the area where the pedals attach to the frame). The serial number will be stamped into the metal and will often include the manufacturer’s name or initials. Some bikes also have a sticker with the serial number on it, which is usually located on the underside of the down tube.

The format of a bike serial number can vary, but most serials follow a similar pattern. For example, a typical Specialized bike serial might look like this: SBCM1234567890. The first letter(s) usually indicate which country the bike was made in (e.g., S = Taiwan, B = China), followed by more letters that indicate the manufacturer (e.g., BCM = Giant).

The rest of the numbers are generally just sequential digits that identify when that particular frame was made. So, in summary, a specialized bike serial number typically consists of letters that identify the country and manufacturer followed by sequential digits that tell you when the frame was made.

What Does a Bike Serial Number Tell You?

Your bike’s serial number is like its social security or fingerprint – it uniquely identifies your bike. Just like no two people have the same social security number, no two bikes have the same serial number. The make, model and year of your bike can all be determined from its serial number.

Most bicycles have their serial numbers stamped into the bottom of the frame. You will need to look for this stamp in order to identify your bike’s serial number. On some bikes, the stamp may be located on other parts of the frame, such as on the head tube or down tube.

Once you find the stamp, take a close look at it and note any unique characters or symbols that you see. These characters and symbols will tell you everything you need to know about your bike. For example, one common code used by bicycle manufacturers is “FE-Mn.”

This code indicates that the bike was made in France and that it is made out of Manganese steel. Another common code is “531,” which indicates Reynolds 531 tubing – a high-quality steel often used in racing bicycles. By looking up these codes, you can quickly determine the country of origin and material used in your bike’s frame.

Theserial number can also tell you when your bicycle was manufactured.. Every bicycle has a unique combinationof digitsand letters that tells not only what company madeit but also when it rolled offthe line at themanufacturer.

. For example: FKL404956 would meanthat this particularbike wasmade by Falconin 1954 . . . simple! However ifyou come acrossa stringof lettersand numberslike Z1XTC123456you’ll wantto do some more research becausethis isn’t aneasy one tounravel without helpfrom an expert(or Google).

What is the Format of Bike Serial Number?

Most bike serial numbers are located on the bottom of the frame, near the crank. The format is typically a combination of letters and numbers. The letter usually corresponds to the month of manufacture (A=January, B=February, C=March, etc.), while the number corresponds to the year.

For example, a serial number that starts with D6 would indicate a bike manufactured in April 2006. Some manufacturers use different systems for their serial numbers, so it’s always best to consult your owner’s manual or contact the manufacturer directly if you’re unsure about where to find yours or what it means.

How to find your bike's serial number


This blog post discusses how to read a specialized bike serial number. The serial number is located on the bottom of the frame, near the crankset. The first two letters indicate the year the bike was made.

The next two letters indicate the month. The last four digits indicate the production number for that month.

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