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  • How Much is an Old Trek Bike Worth
    Old Trek bikes are worth a lot depending on the model and condition. Generally, older models are worth more than newer ones. The value also depends on whether the bike … Read more
  • How to Pump Kenda Bike Tires
    To pump Kenda bike tires, you will need a bicycle hand pump. First, remove the dust cap from the valve stem on the tire. Next, use the hand pump to … Read more
  • How to Change Shifters on Road Bikes
    To change shifters on road bikes, first remove the old shifter by loosening the clamp bolt and sliding it off of the handlebar. Next, slide the new shifter onto the … Read more
  • How to Keep Bike Handlebars from Moving
    If your bike handlebars are moving, it is likely because the bolts that hold them in place are loose. To fix this, simply tighten the bolts with a wrench. If … Read more
  • How to Tighten Bearings on a Bike
    To tighten bearings on a bike, first remove the axle nut or quick release lever. Next, unscrew the dust cap if present and use a wrench to loosen the locknut. … Read more




  • Why are Harleys So Loud
    There are a few reasons that Harleys are louder than other motorcycles. One reason is that they have big engines with a lot of power. Another reason is that the exhaust pipes are often not as well insulated as … Read more
  • Why Can’T I Smell Gas Anymore
    There are many reasons why someone might not be able to smell gas. It could be a medical condition, such as anosmia, which is the loss of the sense of smell. It could also be due to damage to … Read more
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    There are several reasons why your car might be swaying side to side. One possibility is that the tires are not inflated evenly. Another possibility is that there is something wrong with the suspension system. Yet another possibility is … Read more
  • Can Bad Timing Cause No Spark
    Even if the ignition timing is set correctly, a problem with the distributor can cause there to be no spark. The distributor is responsible for sending the spark to the correct cylinder at the right time. If it is … Read more
  • How to Disable Speed Governor
    The speed governor is a device that limits the maximum speed of a vehicle. It is usually fitted to vehicles that are designed to be driven on public roads. Most governors are adjustable, so that the maximum speed can … Read more
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    There are a few reasons you might be hearing water in your car. It could be that your windshield wipers are making noise as they move across the glass, or it could be that there is water in the … Read more