To reset your Sigma bike computer, press and hold the mode button for 3 seconds. The display will show “RESET” and all of the data on the computer will be erased. If you want to keep any of the data, make sure to transfer it to another device before resetting.

  • To reset your Sigma bike computer, first make sure that it is turned off
  • Next, press and hold the button on the back of the unit for about 10 seconds
  • The display should now show “RESET” followed by a number
  • release the button and then turn on your computer again
  • It should now be reset to its factory default settings

Sigma Speedometer Manual

Today, we’re going to be discussing the Sigma Speedometer Manual. This manual is a great resource for anyone who owns or is considering purchasing a Sigma speedometer. In it, you’ll find detailed information about the features and functions of the speedometer, as well as troubleshooting tips and maintenance advice.

We hope you find this information helpful and that it helps you keep your Sigma speedometer in top shape!

Sigma Bike Computer Bc 8.12 Manual

The Sigma BC 8.12 is a simple, entry level bike computer that is great for basic rides and tracking your progress. It features 12 functions including current, average and maximum speed, trip distance, riding time, clock and stopwatch. The large easy to read display makes it perfect for those who want to track their rides without all the bells and whistles of more advanced computers.

The computer mounts easily to your handlebars with the included bracket and sensor, and spoke magnets are also included for wheel speed measurement. Installation is quick and easy, so you’ll be up and riding in no time. The BC 8.12 is powered by a CR2032 battery (included) which provides up to 3 years of use before needing to be replaced.

Whether you’re just getting into cycling or looking for an affordable computer to track your rides, the Sigma BC 8.12 is a great option.

Sigma 1200 Bike Computer

Sigma 1200 Bike Computer Review The Sigma 1200 is a bike computer that has been designed to be used by both professional and amateur cyclists. It is packed with features that make it a great choice for those who want to get the most out of their rides.

Here is a look at some of the things that you can expect from this bike computer. The first thing that you will notice about the Sigma 1200 is its large display. This makes it easy to see all of the information that you need while you are riding.

The display shows your current speed, distance, time, and even has a built-in backlight so that you can see it in low light conditions. Additionally, the display is protected by a scratch-resistant coating so that it will stay looking good for years to come. Another great feature of the Sigma 1200 is its ability to track your heart rate.

This is done through an optional heart rate monitor strap that attaches to your chest. The data from the heart rate monitor is then displayed on the screen so that you can see how hard your heart is working as you ride. This information can be very useful in helping you to adjust your riding intensity based on how your body is responding.

In addition to tracking your heart rate, the Sigma 1200 also tracks your cadence (pedaling speed). This information is displayed on the screen so that you can ensure that you are pedaling at an optimal speed for efficiency and endurance. The cadence sensor also doubles as a speed sensor, so if you stop pedaling, the computer will automatically register this and stop recording your ride data until you start pedaling again.

One final notable feature of the Sigma 1200 bike computer is its price tag: just $129 USD! Considering all of the features and functionality packed into this device, this represents excellent value for money. If you are looking for a high-quality bike computer with plenty of features, then we highly recommend checking out the Sigma 1200!

Sigma Sport Bike Computer Bc 500

Bike computers have come a long way in recent years, and the Sigma Sport BC 500 is a great example of that. This computer has all the features you need to track your rides, including GPS, speed, distance, cadence, and more. The large display is easy to read, even in low light conditions.

Plus, the unit is weather resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting damaged by rain or moisture.

Sigma 1200 Setup

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Sigma 1200 bike computer, here’s a detailed guide on how to set it up. First, you’ll need to install the batteries and mount the computer onto your handlebars. Next, use the included wires to connect the computer to your bicycle’s speed sensor and cadence sensor.

Once everything is plugged in and turned on, open up the Sigma 1200 software on your computer and follow the instructions for pairing your devices. After everything is connected, you can start using all of the great features that Sigma 1200 has to offer!

How to Reset Sigma Bike Computer


How Do You Reset a Bike Computer?

If you’ve ever had to reset your bike computer, you know it can be a bit of a pain. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to do it: 1. First, find the battery cover on the back of the computer.

You may need to remove a few screws to get access to it. 2. Once you have the cover off, locate the battery. It will likely be a small, round CR2032 coin cell battery.

3. Using a small screwdriver or other tool, carefully pry the old battery out of its housing and discard it. 4. Insert the new battery into the housing, making sure that the positive (+) side is facing up. 5. Replace the battery cover and screw it back into place (if applicable).

How Do I Set My Sigma 1200 Bike Computer?

If you’re like most people, you probably don’t know how to set your Sigma 1200 bike computer. Here’s a quick guide to help you get started. First, find the mode button on your computer and press it until the display reads “SETUP.”

Next, use the arrow keys to scroll through the options until you find “WHEEL SIZE.” Use the arrow keys to select your wheel size and then press the mode button to confirm your selection. Now that you’ve told your computer what size wheels you have, it can accurately calculate things like speed and distance.

To change any other settings on your Sigma 1200 bike computer, just repeat the process above.

How Do I Set the Time on My Sigma Sport Bike Computer?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to set the time on your Sigma sport bike computer: 1. To set the time on your Sigma sport bike computer, first make sure that the batteries are properly inserted and working. 2. Then, press and hold the “Set” button located on the back of the unit until the display shows “12h” or “24h”.

This will allow you to cycle through the different time settings. 3. Once you have selected your desired time setting, press and release the “Set” button again. The display will then blink and show “00:00”.

4. Use the “+” and “-” buttons located on the front of the unit to adjust hours and minutes until you have reached your desired time. 5. Finally, press and release the “Set” button one last time to confirm your changes and exit out of Time Set mode.

How Do I Set My Sigma Sport Bc500?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to set up the Sigma Sport BC 500 bike computer: 1. Start by attaching the sensor to the spoke of your wheel. The magnet should be positioned so that it lines up with the sensor when the wheel is in place.

2. Next, attach the transmitter to your handlebars. Make sure that it is positioned so that the antenna is pointing upwards and away from any metal objects that could interfere with its signal. 3. Once both the sensor and transmitter are in place, open up the battery compartment of the transmitter and insert two AAA batteries.

Close the compartment and wait for a few moments for the device to power on. 4. Now open up the settings menu on your computer by pressing and holding down both buttons simultaneously. Use the left button to scroll through different options until you reach “Wheel size”, then use the right button to select this option.

5a. If you know your wheel size in millimeters, simply input this number usingthe left and right buttons until it appears on screen, then press enter to confirm and save your setting 5b. If you don’t know your exact wheel size, no worries!

Select “Auto detect” instead usingthe same process described in step 5a., then ride your bike at a moderate speedfor at least 10 rotations while keeping an eye on The display; once it hasfinished detecting your wheel size it will show this information on screen foryou to confirm before saving 6. The final step is calibrating your computer so that it can accurately trackdistance traveled and speed achieved during rides*.

To do this simply holddown both buttons againto access Settings mode as before, but this time usethe left buttonuntil you reach “Calibrate” then selectthis option usingthe right buttonbefore pedalingat a moderate speedfor 10 seconds or more while keeping an eyeonThe display;Once finisheditwillsave these settings automaticallyandyouarereadytoride!

Sigma Pure 1 ATS bike computer | unboxing | full instructions | review


The best way to reset your Sigma bike computer is to first turn it off. Once it’s turned off, hold down the mode button while you turn on the power. Keep holding the mode button until you see the main menu screen.

From there, use the arrow keys to navigate to the reset option and press enter.

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