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The closest airport to Grand Junction Colorado is the Walker Field Airport. The airport is located approximately 3 miles from the city center and offers both domestic and international flights.

Grand Junction, Colorado is home to the Grand Junction Regional Airport. The airport is located just 4 miles from the city center and offers daily flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to get to Grand Junction, the regional airport is your best bet.

Major Airports near Grand Junction Colorado

Grand Junction is served by Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT). The airport is located 4 miles from downtown Grand Junction and offers scheduled flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Dallas/Fort Worth. Allegiant Air also offers seasonal service to Los Angeles.

GJT is a small airport with two concourses (A and B) and 12 gates. The A Concourse has 5 gates (A1-A5) and serves Delta Connection, American Eagle, United Express, and Allegiant Air. The B Concourse has 7 gates (B6-B12) and serves Frontier Airlines exclusively.

GJT is a busy airport with over 400 takeoffs and landings each day. The majority of these flights are operated by regional carriers on behalf of the major airlines.

What Airlines Fly into Grand Junction Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado is serviced by two commercial airports: Grand Junction Regional Airport (GJT) and Walker Field Airport (WFK). GJT is the larger of the two airports and offers service to many major airlines, including American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, and Allegiant Air. WFK is a smaller airport that primarily services general aviation traffic.

Grand Junction Airport

Grand Junction Airport is located in Grand Junction, Colorado and offers commercial flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. The airport also offers general aviation services.

Denver to Grand Junction

If you’re looking for a road trip that will take you through some of Colorado’s most beautiful scenery, look no further than the drive from Denver to Grand Junction. This route takes you through the Rocky Mountains and across the state’s high plains, offering up plenty of opportunities to admire the natural beauty of Colorado. The drive from Denver to Grand Junction is about 250 miles long, and it should take you around 4 hours to complete if you’re driving at a comfortable pace.

Of course, there are plenty of stops along the way that you can make to stretch your legs and explore a bit. Here are just a few of our favorite places to stop: – Rocky Mountain National Park: This iconic national park is definitely worth a visit, especially if you’ve never been before.

There are tons of hiking trails to explore, as well as scenic drives that will take you past some of the park’s most impressive features. Make sure to give yourself enough time here so that you can really enjoy all that Rocky Mountain National Park has to offer. – Estes Park: This charming mountain town is located just outside of Rocky Mountain National Park, and it’s worth stopping in even if just for lunch or a quick stroll around town.

Be sure to check out some of the local shops – they sell everything from souvenirs to handmade goods made by local artists. – Indian Springs Resort: If you’re looking for somewhere to relax and soak up some natural hot springs goodness, Indian Springs Resort is definitely the place for you. Located in Glenwood Springs (another great stop on your road trip), this resort offers several different pools with varying temperatures so that everyone can find their perfect spot.

Trust us when we say that soaking in one of these pools after a long day on the road will be heavenly!

How Far is Denver from Grand Junction

Grand Junction is a city in western Colorado and the county seat of Mesa County. The city has a population of 58,566 as of the 2010 census. It is the 15th most populous city in the state of Colorado and is the principal city of the Grand Junction Metropolitan Statistical Area which has a population of 146,723 in 2010.

Grand Junction is located 247 miles (398 km) west-southwest of Denver, Colorado and is the home rule municipality in Mesa County.

Closest Airport to Grand Junction Colorado


What is the Closest Major Airport to Grand Junction Colorado?

The closest major airport to Grand Junction Colorado is the Mesa Verde Airport. It is located about 12 miles from the city center.

What is the Major Airport in Colorado?

Denver International Airport (IATA: DEN, ICAO: KDEN), also known locally as DIA, is an international airport in Denver, Colorado. It is the largest airport in the United States by land area and the second busiest airport by passenger traffic. The airport is in northeastern Denver and is operated by the City & County of Denver Department of Aviation.

DIA has non-stop service to 205 destinations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. The airport features six runways and with 157 gates spread out over three detached, yet connected terminals: East Terminal, West Terminal and Central Terminal. DIA is one of a handful of airports with an on-site rail system that connects directly to downtown Denver.

The city’s original plan was for Stapleton International Airport to be replaced by a new facility in what is now Adams County near Brighton; however following strong community opposition to the proposed site selection process, Denver voters opted to keep Stapleton open until 1995 while construction of DIA began on 53 square miles (140 km2) of land east of Denver International Airport in 1989. It was completed ten years later at a cost of $4.8 billion ($7.67 billion today).

What Airlines Operate Out of Grand Junction Colorado?

Grand Junction is served by two commercial airlines, American Airlines and United Airlines, as well as a regional carrier, Boutique Air. All three airlines offer service to Denver International Airport, with American and United offering additional flights to Chicago O’Hare International Airport. Grand Junction is also served by several general aviation and charter companies.

How Far is Grand Junction from Airport?

Grand Junction is about a 45 minute drive from the airport.



The Grand Junction Regional Airport is the closest airport to Grand Junction, Colorado. It is located just west of the city and offers daily flights to Denver, Salt Lake City, and Phoenix. The airport also has a number of car rental companies, making it easy to get around town.

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